Our chambers have been cleared by the FDA for use at 4 psi. and for the condition of acute mountain sickness. All other uses are considered "off label". Hyperbaric chambers are considered a Class II Medical Device by the FDA.  All sales and rentals require a prescription from a qualified doctor regardless of intended use.


Newtowne Hyperbarics has been designing and manufacturing mild hyperbaric chambers for over 13 years. All of our mild hyperbaric chambers are manufactured in Maryland, USA with the highest quality hypoallergenic  materials available.  Newtowne's mild hyperbaric chambers offer superior quality at an affordable price!

3 Models: Seal, Class 4, and Class 7 (see below).
 1 00% Safety Record.
 All of our chambers can be positioned as a TOP or SIDE entry.
♦ All of our chambers can be operated internally and externally.
♦ Frame and Mattress included with all chambers.
Rent and Rent-to-Own Programs (Seal and Class 4 Only).
Warranty includes ALL components on chamber and compressor.

Mild Hyperbaric Chambers
Advanced materials and next generation design make the Seal Mild Hyperbaric Chamber the safest and most user friendly mild hyperbaric chamber available. An external frame is standard with this model. 

Class 7 
Mild Hyperbaric Chamber
The next evolution in higher pressure portable chambers!  State of the art design features make the Class 7 mild hyperbaric chamber unequale d  in strength and safety. 

This chamber is available for clinical and home use

Class 4 
Mild Hyperbaric Chambers
Our entry level single bag chamber priced for the budget conscious consumer. Recommended for home use.

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