Scientists bestow sight on blind mice

A protein derived from algae restores light sensitivity in mice lacking photoreceptors, Nature News reported. Scientists hope that this technique can one day be used to treat blindness in humans.

Dartmouth professor finds hidden meaning in cancer drug names

Chemotherapy drugs are usually named to evoke a sense of “lightness” and “quickness,” which may make them appear “more tolerable,” Dartmouth linguistics professor Lewis Glinert reports in his research paper, “Chemotherapy as language: Sound symbolism in cancer medication names.” The paper was published in April in the journal Social Science […]

Microorganisms: the key to solving global warming?

Researchers at the National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton, England, have found that coccolithophores, a microscopic marine organism once thought to be the key to solving global warming, may actually have little effect on carbon dioxide levels, the journal Nature reported.

DMS researchers find genes to die for

Genetics researchers at Dartmouth Medical School have identified the genes that control cell death during asymmetrical cell division

St. Jude’s researchers find genetic link between leukemias

New research links acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) to a mutation in the Ikaros gene, according to Science Now.

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